"Bridlewood Church meets every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. The laid-back setting, cowboy friendly, provides the atmosphere that Pastor Cummins feels is conducive for the style of services at Bridlewood. “We are very serious about our commitment to Christ and his church, but too often the simplicity of the gospel is lost in today’s over-structured settings,” Cummins continued. “Buildings are necessary, but God’s building is made with the lively stones of men – all men.”

Bridlewood began holding services in January, 2006, in the Times Square Cinema in Tyler. “We’ve always had our eye on the Bullard area, but not until the Kiepersol facility became available were we able to make the move,” JoAnn stated. “I’m from Bullard, I raised my children here and we are excited that God has finally opened this door for the church to be in Bullard.

Although Bridlewood Church is inter-denominational, it has the spiritual and financial support of Colonial Hills Baptist Church of Tyler, of which the Cummins’ are members, the Smith Baptist Association and the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

When asked about his ministerial background Pastor Cummins stated, “I am an ordained Southern Baptist minister. I went to Baylor University and Criswell Bible Institute.” “For over thirty years,” Cummins continued, “I have been the pastor of several community churches in Texas, a Presbyterian church in Lindale and have worked with almost every denomination you can mention while doing missionary work around the globe. These diverse experiences have given me a wonderful appreciation for all the many fascinating parts of Christ’s body. We recognize that we are just one expression of a much larger kingdom.”

Presently, Bridlewood has only a Sunday morning service, but plans to expand its children’s ministry and mid week Bible study. “Church should be a place where everyone is accepted and welcomed without feeling obligated or judged by our past experiences,” JoAnn states with an unwavering conviction. “Bridlewood is a place where anyone can come and feel like they belong.” She goes on, “the Bible teaching you will hear at Bridlewood will help you realize that God’s love does conquer all – it has for me!” (Reprint from Bullard Banner)

This Is Bridlewood Church

Bridlewood Church is an expression of the Body of Christ in Bullard, Texas, sharing the good news that Jesus Christ died for the sins of man, rose from the grave and ascended to God’s throne. God has now provided a new and abundant life for all men through the presence of His indwelling Spirit.

Bridlewood Church is a place of experiencing the Abundant Life of Christ. Through the teaching and ministry of God's Word, our go to provide every Believer the opportunity to grow in Christ, to reach their full potential in Him and to equip them to effectively share the gospel with others.

Bridlewood Church is inter-denominational and recognizes the Body of Christ in this community. Our vision is to work positively with all churches in establishing The Kingdom of God both locally and abroad. Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one Spirit, Eph 4:3-4.

Bridlewood Church administers its affairs after the New Testament example. A presbytery of Elders (bishops) prayerfully guides (pastors) the church in spiritual matters, nurturing a well balanced vision and understanding of God’s purposes. A body of Deacons graciously serves the physical needs of the body. Each member is encouraged to recognize their spiritual gifts contributing to the life and ministry of Christ through the church.

Bridlewood Church is a place of worship and prayer where meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people is an important emphasis of each service. The ministry of God’s Word communicates the reality of His resurrected life and nurtures the experience of knowing Him.

Bridlewood Church -Born in a Barn

“If a stable was good enough for the birthplace of our Lord,then beginning in an auction barn is just great,” says pastor Dan Cummins about Bridlewood Church holding its services in the Kiepersol auction barn located on Highway 69 at FM 2493 in Bullard. “His stable didn’t have air conditioning, a sound system, and all the modern conveniences that we have,” he added. “My wife JoAnn and I are very grateful to Pierre de Wet for providing these fantastic facilities as we get started.

Dan & JoAnn Cummins
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